What Does “Engagement Score” Mean?

Our engagement score feature is slowly making its way up. Give it a few days/weeks to really settle in and cover all of the groups!

What is the “Engagement Score”?

The Engagement Score is a calculation of average daily engagements (likes, comments, shares, replies) happening in a group, divided by the average amount of posts in those 24 hours.

Often times, there are Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members, but over spammed with meaningless content posted by the same user over and over again, receiving very little to no engagement.

Often times joining those groups with very little engagement provides no value to members, and thus we wanted to create a label with the ability to easily show visitors the value of a group.

Adding the Engagement Score to our grid will allow you to easily get a feeling of how high the engagement in a certain group actually is.

The higher the group’s Engagement Score is, the more actively engaged the members of that group are with the content being shared in that group.

Take in consideration that a group with a ton of followers could have the same amount of engagement points as a group with little followers.

– FaceGroupie.

PS: Not all engagement scores for all groups may show up at once. We’re systematically vetting groups, which could take some time.

Thank you.

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