10 Best Facebook Groups To Join When You’re A Food Blogger

Okay okay. Let’s have a moment here.

Imagine a place where you could browse through Facebook groups in real time, and learning about what their engagement is like at the same time.

Well, that’s FaceGroupie for you.

How many times have you joined a Food blogging group, and then realize later on that the group didn’t provide any value, members were spamming the group with their articles that essentially had no valuable content, posts receive very little engagement or none for that matter at all?

That’s where we want to make a difference!

With FaceGroupie.com.

Like I mentioned before, FaceGroupie let’s you browse through a Group directory in real time, which allows you to easily find groups in your category and also let’s you see what a group’s engagement score is.

A group’s engagement score?

The engagement score is a score we added and assigned to each group based on the level of engagement that specific group has.


Because it will make the difference between you waisting time on trying to join groups that have a low engagement, while instead letting you focus on requesting to join the groups that have a very high engagement.

The reason you join a group is because you want to connect with other Food enthusiasts. Not get spammed by members, or receive no engagement on your questions at all.

So, that’s what We’re is here for!

To make things easy for you, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best Facebook groups for Food bloggers and enthusiasts, with the highest engagement.

This post will be update frequently as we’ll be adding more and more groups to our database. So definitely bookmark this one as we’ll try to constantly change out groups so we have a current and most updated list with the most engaging ones out there!

10 Best Facebook Groups To Join When You’re A Food Blogger

1. Food Bloggers’ Cafe

2. Manitoba Food Bloggers


4. Food Bloggers and Foodies United

5. Food Blogging, Photography & Videography

6. Los Angeles Vegans

7. Chicago Vegans

8. Finance And Coffee

9. …

10. …

We’ve only been around for a few days and our algorithm is still crawling groups’ engagement score, so this will be constantly updated with our best food blogger Facebook groups with the highest engagement. Keep this article bookmarked so you can easily find our list and check to see if there are any updates..

In the mean time, visit FaceGroupie.com to find more Facebook groups to join!

PS: Have any Facebook Groups you’d like to add to our directory? Contact us at submissions@facegroupie.com.

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